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Charlotte Zietlow City Council president
1971, Dec 20
Charlotte Zietlow is named president of the new City Council.
Source: "Annexation, Sewers Make Late-Year News," Daily Herald-Telephone, December 31, 1971, 24.
Charlotte Zietlow Council President
1972, Dec 18
The City Council votes for Charlotte Zietlow as 1973 Council President.
Source: "'72 Big Year In Bloomington.. Miller Dr. Among Top Issues," Daily Herald-Telephone, December 30, 1972, 3.
Council adopts new ordiance
1973, Jan 4
The Bloomington city council adopts an ordinance creating a new city department of transportation to administer the mass transit system appropriating $229,606 to fund it for the year. The council elects Charlottee Zietlow as president of the board.
Source: "An Eventful 12 Months in Bloomington," Daily Herald Telephone, December 29, 1973.
Bloomington Transit launches
1973, Mar 25
Council president Charlotte Zietlow and Mayor Frank McCloskey open the ceremony to launch the new bus service - Bloomington Transit - with ribbon cutting and champagne breaking.
Source: Bloomington Telephone, March 25, 1973.
Zietlow and Schultz open Goods Inc.
1973, Nov
Charlotte Zietlow and Marilyn Schultz open Goods Inc., a supply store featuring kitchenware, china, and various accessories. It is one of the first businesses in Bloomington entirely run by women.
Source: Mike Leonard, "Women Who Helped Shape Our Town," Bloom Magazine, February 1, 2015, 102-113.
Zietlow will not seek reappointment
1973, Dec 13
Charlotte Zietlow announces she will not seek reappointment as city council president.
Source: "An Eventful 12 Months in Bloomington," Daily Herald Telephone, December 29, 1973.
Zietlow named first female commissioner
Charlotte Zietlow wins a surprising victory over three-term Republican County Commissioner Bill Hanna, becoming the first woman ever to hold a commissioner's seat.
Source: Mike Leonard, "Women Who Helped Shape Our Town," Bloom Magazine, February 1, 2015.
County sued over jail conditions
1981, Sep 25
Monroe County officials defend themselves against a lawsuit filed in federal court in Indianapolis charging the Monroe County Jail with disregarding the needs of inmates. Commissioner Charlotte Zietlow says that county officials have determined plans to improve jail conditions despite financial and space limitations (including building a new jail). Attorney Michael Sutherlin, who filed the suit, says that Monroe County officials have refused to correct conditions and that these conditions violate the inmate's constitutional rights under the 8th and 14th Amendments.
Source: Carolyn Kramer, "Officials defend efforts to improve jail," Indiana Daily Student, September 25, 1981.
Jail recreation yard still closed
1982, Sep 5
Sheriff Randy Williams announces that the Monroe County Jail recreation yard will not be reopened until the Monroe County Commissioners take substantial steps to secure the aging facility. He states that the recreation yard is not secure and that he should not have to take men off patrol or away from other duties to stand guard over inmates in the recreation area. Commission President Charlotte Zietlow responds by saying that although the facility is not the best, the jail operations are still the responsibility of the sheriff and that he has to work with what is available.
Source: Dan Kadlec, "Williamson wants county to fix jail," Herald Telephone, September 5, 1982, A, 1, 7.
Architects' jail survey completed
1982, Nov 18
According to at least one public official the three-week jail study completed by Odle-Burke Architects of Bloomington and Moyer and Associates of Chicago determines that the new jail facility only needs to be less than 20% larger than the one currently in use. Monroe County Commissioner President Charlotte Zietlow announces that the survey also indicates that there is not a need for much maximum security units. They announce that the survey will likely be released to the public next week.
Source: Dan Kadlec, "Only slightly larger jail needed, new survey reports," Herald Telephone, November 18, 1982, 1, 4.
Goods, Inc. sold, renamed
Marilyn Schultz and Caroline Zietlow sell their kitchenware store, opened in 1973, called Goods, Inc., one of the first businesses in the city to be entirely run by women. The courthouse square store is renamed Goods for Cooks.
Source: Mike Leonard, "Women Who Helped Shape Our Town," Bloom Magazine, February 1, 2015.
Zietlow becomes Director
1988, Apr 20
Charlotte Zietlow, President of the Monroe County Board of Commissioners, is chosen Executive Director of the Monroe County United Way by its board of directors.
Source: Sarah A. Mawhorr, "Zietlow named to top United Way post," Indiana Daily Student, April 21, 1988.
Simpson ends senate career
After serving Indiana for 28 years in the Senate, Vi Simpson steps down. Besides her extensive accomplishments as a senator, Simpson was also the first female auditor of Monroe County, helped restore the courthouse, built the Charlotte T. Zietlow Justice Center, reorganized the landfill, and computerized voter registration and other important county records.
Source: Mike Leonard, "Women Who Helped Shape Our Town," Bloom Magazine, February 1, 2015.

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